Fact Check #3

Reviewing The National Review 

Allsides is a website that determines or evaluates a media’s bias or political affiliation. In addition, it rates each of the media outlets accordingly amongst five categories which are far-left, leaning-left, center, leaning right and far right. Each category has descriptions and guidelines that a media outlet has to follow in order to be apart of that media rating. For example, the National Review is considered the most conservative out of all media ratings.  According to Allsides, the National Review central idea “is that centralized government should solely exist to protect citizens’ lives, liberty and property”. Similarily, according to Allsides, a far-right outlet has idealogies such as preserving the rights of gun owners, using military force when it protects American interests, decreasing taxes, outlawing abortion, rejection of laws that impose unnecessary burdens on businesses/the economy, rejection of entitlements and public funding for private needs (like healthcare) and personal responsibility. 

On March 2019, an article, written by Rich Lowry, which was called “The Media’s Disgrace” , showed favoritism towards President Trump by criticizing other media outlets for their actions. Within the article, they spoke about the Russian controversy and how these democratic outlets were unfair to Trump even though there was no incriminating evidence. Rich Lowry writes, “Never has so little come of so many screaming chyrons. Every mini-scooplet was played up like major news, and if you went on air and said that collusion was unlikely and we should wait for the evidence, you were often treated like you were in the tank for Trump.” He is also criticizing media outlets for not allowing people to have their own opinions about Trump and his votes. This article represents the lengths the National Review will go to in order to promote their conservative affiliates. The National Review, for example, according to wikipedia, the national review has always supported conservative presidential candidates such as Ted Cruz in 2016 or as far back as Dwight Eisenhower in 1956. National Review’s main editor, Rich Lowry, has appeared regularly on other right winged media outlets such as Fox news and conferences like the conservative political action. As the figurehead of the company, Rich Lowry epitomizes the National Reviews’ ideologies by participating in other conserative agendas. Therefore, there consistent protection and proclamation of conservatism throughout the United States defines them as a far-right media outlet. 

The National Review, according to their own faq, define themselves as a magazine of conservative politics, news, policies and opinions. They even claim that they broadened the modern conservative movement and its allegiance. According to Wikipedia,  Victor Davis Hanson, known for his expertise in contemporary politics, called the National Review “The Bible of American Conservatism”. In addition, it is known for its consistent criticism of the far-left political party since it adheres to the conservative perspective. And so, the conservative community definitely listens to the National Review and the National Review promotes conservative opinion, news and position on any major issue. On the other hand , the liberal community finds the National Review as a detriment to democracy. Therefore, the National Review is a far-right media outlet and depending on the community or viewers, there can be either criticism or praise. 

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