Fact Check #2

On twitter, I was looking at the different claims that Trump’s War room account has made. During the Miami democratic debate, many democratic politicians threw a slew of facts and claims that was swaying the emotions of its viewers. While I was watching the Miami democratic debate, I was also looking for any rebuttals or remarks on twitter that viewers would make in contrast to what many of these politicians were saying. While scrolling through my twitter feed, there was a tweet that was posted by the Trump War Room. The Trump War Room is a twitter account managed by the Trump campaign in order to debunk any claims that are made against Donald Trump. On June 26 2019 , the Trump War room posted a video with a description. These two components were discrediting Cory Booker’s view on the pharmaceutical industry and drug makers. The description stated, “Cory Booker has accepted over $400,000 from the pharmaceutical industry during his political career.” Beneath the tweet, there was video footage of Cory Booker answering a question about the pharmaceutical industry and how the opioid crisis has further escalated. Cory Booker, within the video, stated, “There are too many people profiteering off of the pain of people in America, from pharmaceutical companies to insurers,”. Therefore, this prompted the Trump War Room to investigate this claim and come to the conclusion that he has been receiving profits from these insurance companies. However, the Trump War Room is sponsored by Donald Trump and so just as a disclaimer it is perceived as heavily biased.

According to the Politifact’s article called, “Cory Booker and drug maker campaign cash: By the numbers” , it notes, “The Trump campaign sent us to Booker’s career summary page on the Open Secrets website, a reliable source of federal political money data.” By citing “The Open Secrets”, I was able to dive in further to understand the way in which the Trump War room was able to conclude to these numbers. The Open Secrets was specifically designed to be a medium for contributors and politicians who are looking for funding for their campaign. Open secrets gave the summary page and tracts all of the contributions that were made towards Cory Booker’s presidential campaign. In addition, Open Secrets is licensed by the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 U.S. This license, operated by Creative Commons, helps a person or company legally share information without being targeted for copyright or any other media legal issues.  And so, Open secrets is a credible source since it follows the regulated guidelines that ensures the safety of readers from reading misleading or fake news.
Referring back to the article, the politifact article further details the total amount Booker has received in donations, campaign funding, and Cory Pac ( The PAC or political action committee was made in order to raise and spend to elect and defeat candidates). Furthermore, Cory Booker has received around $ 411,948 due to people connected with medical organizations and insurance providers. When breaking down the numbers, Cory Booker received solely from the drug makers or pharmaceutical companies $ 327,000, according to the Open secrets data, Therefore, Cory Booker is being hypocritical since he is scolding those who profit off of the well-being of others even though a nice portion of his donations are coming from the very same source. 

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